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Areas of Practice

Civil Litigation

The Hurston Law Offices excels at helping clients solve a wide range of disputes, such as collections, contracts, estates and trusts, real estate, employment, discrimination, and businesses.  Negotiation and finding innovative ways to settle disputes are important parts of his approach, and Mr. Hurston is an experienced trial advocate, should negotiations fail.

Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has been injured due to the actions of another person, a business, or the government, The Hurston Law Offices will pursue the compensation that you deserve. Insurance companies and bureaucracies will try to take advantage of you without an experienced attorney fighting for you.  


If you are suing a person or business, you need an experienced attorney to make sure you are actually paid if you win a judgment, which is harder than you may think.  


The Hurston Law Offices has represented both landlords and tenants in matters ranging from simple rent disputes to health and safety violations including heating failures, lead paint, mold, and pests. When representing a tenant, we will ensure your right to a fair lease, negotiate with landlords, and demand adherence to the law. When representing a landlord, we will craft a lease that protects your interests legally, prosecute your lease against defaulted tenants, and provide counsel when managing tenants.


When someone loses a civil or criminal case, they have the ability to appeal the decision and argue that it was wrongly decided for one or more reasons, but it is very important that you contact an attorney about your appeal rights as soon as possible.  There are very strict limitations for filing dates and Virginia is particularly unforgiving.  Mr. Hurston has handled numerous appeals and can provide consultation services during trial to ensure that you have the best possible chance for a successful appeal, if one becomes necessary.

Everything In Between

As a general practitioner for more than ten years, Mr. Hurston has learned a lot about different legal issues. Feel free to ask whether he can help you even if your issue is not mentioned above. If he does not feel confident in his ability to help you, he will refer you to an attorney more knowledgeable about your issue.


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